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Heart Health: Familiarizing Yourself with Oral Chelation
Oral Chelation (pronounced “key lay shun”) is simply the process by which metals, minerals and toxins are removed from the body through the use of certain agents (chelating agents) that bond with those elements – literally forming a circle around...
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Cleaners and our health

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Many people use strong cleaners or acid cleaners to make the house clean and to get hard to clean stains out, but people don’t realize that many cleaners are bad for our health they contain ingredient that irritate the skin and the fumes that those cleaner produce are dangerous if we inhale them.

Many people suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems and using those type of cleaners in a place not well ventilated can be harmful for the health. A good way to help is using gloves and a mask of some sort to clean but in my opinion that’s too much hazel for me, an alternative that is good way to clean the house and safe for the family and none toxic are natural cleaners.
There are many companies now day making natural cleaners that are made with all-natural ingredients which is not toxic and safe.

Protect your family from harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients from cleaners,
use natural products that also protects the earth. Keep living a healthy life.
Axel Rodriguez Living a Healthy Life http://www.getveriuni.com


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Basic White Contact Lenses
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Three Questions People Are Asking About Health Care in America
Q. Why is there so may uninsured people in America? A. There are over 44 million uninsured people in this country and over 75 million underinsured because of three main factors: 1. Insurance rates continue to rise each year by 10-25%...
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