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Doorstops and Paperweights
Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, has come up with what he believes is a brilliant idea. He thinks the FCC should have to the power to hold cable and satellite channels to the same decency standards as over-the-air...
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U.S. Postal Service Carrier Pickup from Home or Business

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Carrier pickup is absolutely FREE...

Eliminate your wait in line at your local post office.

Excellent service for Home businesses that deal in Internet auctions, legal services and etc.

No limit on the number of packages that you need picked up. 1, 100, 1000.......

Carrier pickup provides the ultimate convenience in sending packages. Just prepare your package before your carrier arrives, and submit your Carrier pickup request. You can sign up or sign in to schedule a Carrier pickup for up to 3 months.

Carrier pickup is available for sending packages and returning merchandise using the following domestic services:
Express Mail®
Priority Mail®

Pickup occurs the next postal delivery day.

Postage must be prepaid and attached to package(s).

Convenient postage options:
PC Postage®
Postage Meters

You can now purchase USPS insurance online and request a Carrier pickup.

Requests must be received by 2:00 AM CST.

Packages must be properly sealed and ready for shipment before your carrier arrives.

Maximum weight per package is 70 pounds.


About the Author

25 year employee and Supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service.


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Perform Random Acts of Facilitation

MEMORIAL DAY 2005 In 1776 the United States of America was born Long ago on that bright July fourth morn The Revolutionary War was being fought It was freedom and liberty of forefathers sought Many lives were lost in that great fight Liberty was...
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The Blame Factor
"The Blame Factor' - Sabotage, but who's to blame? If you read the regular articles in newspapers and magazines you will be inundated with information about how much money is lost every year to business. There is a list, stress, alcohol, drugs,...
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The Dawn On The Nile Valley "Has" Secrets To Tell!
Amnesty International comments on the proposal that has been laid out by President Obasnjo the Chairman of the African Union in regards to the Sudanese Darfurian issue. The Nigerian President proposed to have an "African Panel for Criminal Justice...
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I LOVE Howard Dean
While Howard Dean is out there talking about how much “hate” he has for Republicans and about how evil, dishonest and nasty we are I am here to stand up and say something very important. I LOVE you Mr. Dean! I mean that from the bottom of my dark,...
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Government Overregulation of Broadcast Content Could Backfire
Rush is right! The government's stepped up bid to regulate broadcast television content is indeed frightening. Limbaugh made his comments during one of his regular radio broadcasts last year. Those remarks were in response to the FCC's crackdown on...
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